How to use Html5Controls

  • First, download the most recent version of Htm5Asp Controls.
  • In your ASP project, make a reference to the Html5Asp.dll.
  • Depending on your personal preference, you can register the TagPrefix on each individual web page, or simply add it once to your web.config file.
    • In web.config, find the <configuration><system.web><pages><controls> node and add the following:
    • <add tagPrefix="html5" namespace="Html5Asp" assembly="Html5Asp"/>

Add Html5Asp Controls to your toolbox


  • Right-click the toolbox and Add a tab named Html5Asp for easy reference.
  • Right-Click in the desired Toolbox tab and click Choose Items
    Choose Items
  • Browse to the folder where you installed the Html5Asp.dll
  • Click Namespace to sort the controls. Select the Html5Asp controls you want to add by checking the boxes.
    Add Checked Items
  • Click OK
  • Enjoy easy access to the controls!
    Rock On!

Set video MimeTypes on IIS

  • In IIS Manager, click on the web site node you want to add file types. Double-click Mime Types
    IIS Manager Mimetypes Panel
  • Add the Mime Types you wish to play
    Add / Edit ogv for FireFox Add / Edit mp4 for Safari

Highlight errors with CSS :invalid pseudoclass

  • In your stylesheet define the Css pseudoclass
    :invalid{ background-color: Red;}
  • Safari 5 on Mac - Invalid Date
    Safari 5 Invalid date on Mac
  • Safari 5 on Mac - Valid Date
    Safari 5 Valid date on Mac
  • Safari 5 on Windows - Invalid Date
    Safari 5 Invalid date on Windows 7
  • Safari 5 on Windows - Valid Date
    Safari 5 Valid date on Windows 7
  • As with any feature browser support will vary

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