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Html5Asp Controls enable you to use ASP.Net to present the most cutting edge controls available to your users' browser. Advanced browsers speed up entry of Websites and URL with presentation of keyboards tailored to your specific data. Try our online Demo or check out our "How To"

  • Inputs with Custom Keyboards
  • Inputs with Placeholder Text
  • Dynamically created email links
  • Tappable phone numbers
  • Map Links with Start and Finish addresses
  • Browser-based: Don't build a different app for each Mobile device
  • Create mobile applications in the technology you already know
  • Future-proof your apps with the most up-to-date standards
  • Easy web deployment - No application store or additional downloads
Place Holder Text on mobile Safari - iPhone Place Holder Text on mobile Safari - iPad


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HTML5 ASP.Net Controls

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URL Input
Shortcut key for ".com"
<html5:UrlInput runat="server" ID="txtURL" PlaceHolderText="Please enter your URL" MaxLength="30" />
iPhone URL Input iPad URL Input
Includes the "@" and "." keys for easy entry of email addresses
<html5:EmailInput runat="server" ID="txtEmail" PlaceHolderText="Please enter your email" />
iPhone Email Input iPad Email Input
Larger number keys and access to symbols for entering pauses etc.
<html5:PhoneInput runat="server" ID="txtTel" PlaceHolderText="Enter the Phone Number" CssClass="Highlighted" Text="" />
iPhone Phone Keyboard iPad Phone Keyboard
Numeric Keypad
<html5:NumberInput runat="server" ID="txtNumber" PlaceHolderText="Enter a number" />
iPhone Number Keyboard iPad Number Keyboard
Full Keyboard access with clearly marked "Search" button
<html5:SearchInput runat="server" ID="txtSearch" PlaceHolderText="Please enter your Search terms" />
iPhone Search Keyboard iPad Search Keyboard
Email Link
Includes From, To, Subject, and starter Body text in an easy to create ASP.Net control
<html5:EmailLink runat="server" ID="lnkEmail" Subject="Love your software" Body="Sample Body Text"
MailTo="JoeCool@YourDomain.com" CC="JaneDoe@HerDomain.com" Text="Send Email" />
Pre-poulates Email fields
Phone Link
Gives mobile users easy access to call the phone number or add contacts depending on device capabilities.
<html5:PhoneLink runat="server" ID="lnkPhone" Text="Bob Smith" Tel="411-555-1212" />
iPhone Phone Number popup
Map Link
Show start and finish addresses with one line of ASP.Net code.
<html5:MapLink runat="server" ID="lnkMap" Text="Show DC Map"
Start="101 Independence Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20540 "
Finish="1400 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20227" />
iPhone Map Link Results
Control canvas starting properties in Visual Studio Design Time or through Code-Behind pages.
<html5:Canvas runat="server" ID="Canvas1" Style="border:1px dotted;float:left" Height="200" Width="250" BgImgPath="~/Media/Penguins.jpg" />
Canvas Loaded at design timeCanvas modified in postback
Please note: Different browser and hardware capabilities affect the functionality of any Html 5 controls. Default behavior of inputs will be to be treated as <Input type="text" />.

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